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An Eyewitness Account
From The New World

Kunst til det nye album som viser et maleri af Sofie Karoline der holder en husskade


An Eyewitness Account
From The New World​

The futuristic tale of a woman and a magpie and their individual search for beauty in a world, where colour and nature has become scarce. It’s a melancholic story about grief, repression, hope and a woman’s own decision to be free.

Kunst til det nye album som viser et maleri af Sofie Karoline der holder en husskade


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Mad Magpie

Sofie Karoline is the woman behind MAD MAGPIE. You are listening to her lyrics and compositions. Sofie Karoline (born 1987) has a life long interest in music and finished her master’s degree at the Academy of Music in 2015. Since then she has been working freelance as a voice coach on several theatre concerts, and has been working with performance as guest teacher on boarding schools. Since the autumn 2017 she has been working as the vocal teacher at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen, a special Danish school, where students live like on a boarding school, but focus on creative subjects such as music, theatre, dance, electronic music, contemporary circus and sound engineering. Her debut release as MAD MAGPIE, “An Eyewitness Account From The New World”, is a concept album, where the details have been thought through carefully. Her romantic science fiction short story, about the woman and the magpie, is being accompanied by her songs and furthermore the whole album tells some of the story behind the name MAD MAGPIE. Sofie Karoline is very inspired by the eighties’ different adaptations of the serious subjects such as The Cold War, and especially James Cameron’s Terminator from 1984 has been a strong influence on her since she was a child. It has also a lot to do with Brad Fiedel’s innovative, powerful and unpolished soundtrack. In her opinion it is one of the most completed and romantic movies ever made. Maybe you will notice her inspiration from the eighties when listening to “An Eyewitness Account From The New World”.

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